Thursday, June 19, 2014

Transitions and changes

Two and a half years ago, I sat down before my computer and formally announced that I was adopting my avocation as a vocation--turning my hobby into a job.

A Writer.

There it sat, all shiny, staring back at me from my imagination. to tell the world? I pondered. A blog! And, it's been a fun blog. I've written some funny things and some serious things. I've boosted fellow writers and written about musicians I admire. But, times move on.

The blog stays, but the focus changes.

Last week saw the advent of Clever Foil Hat, LLC, the re-imagining of my existing editing and design practice, now expanded into a real company. Naming the business was an easy one (after a friend pointed it out to me) as I've been building the brand for the past quarter decade and it encapsulates my approach to life and writing and interacting with people--fun, but with serious intent. Hence, our new tagline for Clever Foil Hat:  FUNNY NAME. SERIOUS RESULTS.

The current content on Cleverfoilhat will likely be here for at least a few more days while I archive it and move it over to my personal website, but, hopefully, by next week, there will be an entirely new focus for the CFH blog, as I and other members of the team begin writing on topics that directly impact the lives and practices of writers, artists, and designers in the indie and traditional publishing fields.

For long-time readers...thanks for being here! I hope you like the new format.

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